Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Thingies.

Right Side, Left Side (tilt)

(^above: Tied it up messy in 5 seconds flat.)

I got this extremely cute hair band from E.L.T. a couple weeks ago on one of my rare Allston trips. I felt the urge to show it off this morning because I have pretty much been living in it:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Struttin' Through the Glamorous Streets of Lexington

Autobots - Transform and MOVE OUT!
I now realize we probably really freaked out that truck driver... 4 Asian girls screaming from the wall, "HOLY POOP. IT'S OPTIMUS PRIME! TRANSFORM! TRANSFOOOORM!"

Jess went through great lengths to pick this magnificent specimen for me.

We are guilty of idolitry.

I do not know where this came from but it shows off my (imaginary) chest, no?

Struttin' through the glamorous streets of Lexington on [one of] the last day[s] of school. (Excuse for not knowing Mr. Camra Man was taking a video...)

'nuff said.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Where's My Fresh Ramen?

When my sister came back from a trip to Korea last year, she brought back a ton of Korean music, including quite a few of 비 (Rain)'s songs.
One of which (Youtube link is found below), Fresh Woman - 비 (Rain), I find the best. thing. ever.

I swear, It will change. Your. Life. forever.

(... I know it did for me... It's almost like a feeling of enlightment... But... better.)


If you guys haven't caught on (i cannot be just me that has noticed this): Listen to the lyrics for a second; when 비 sings "Fresh woman, fresh woman, so where's my fresh woman, fresh woman..." it comes out "Fresh ramen, fresh ramen, so where's my fresh ramen, fresh ramen..."
SO hilarious in fact, that after that, for a while I thought 'Aw man. This CANNOT be fer real dood. Naw man. Naaaaaw.'
I found out...
It wasn't...
He was being completely serious... (ಠ_ಠ)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Text didn't show up on that last one, but I have to justify that picture. It says: zZzZzZzz... And hey, I just woke up that morning; proof is in the eyebags.
I love waking up at 8 in the morning and having the first thing I do be messing around on my computer with my webcam listening to m-flo. (Not really. But) I AM SOOO PUMPEDD!!
Currently Listening To: Astrosexy - M-flo

[Watch me do dis kinda like, hah hah hah hah]
[Follow me,]
[Hah hah hah hah]
[Just go hah hah]
[Hah hah]

[Who dat la-dy that make you say whoa whoa whoa whoa]
[Follow me]
[whoa whoa whoa whoa]
[Just say whoa whoa]
[Whoa whoa]

[Left to Right, Top to Bottom]
1) I laik making farting noises wit my mouf.
2) I love these headphones FTW. My bangs were starting to PISS ME OFF..! And hey, you can see the misquito bite on my neck... (; _ ;) *tilts head* See my headphones now? Aren't they snazzy? Yes? Well of course. I do believe they are quite snazzy myself. (Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - seems to have these... >>)
3) Why don't you want my kiss..? >=*
4) ... More farting noises! >=D

Sarah: i find it funny
Sarah: how i took my profile pic in my orchestra shirt and pj's
Sarah: orchestra shirt... more like... orchestra CAMP SHIRT
Sarah: (rofl - please don't tell anyone) ...
Sarah: (would = social suicide)
Sarah: (jk)
Sarah: (i wear it loud and proud.)
Sarah: (in all different colors)
Inah: LOLL
Sarah: (which would mean i own 5 million of them)

Yeah... I'm not even joking. I actually have like, FIVE of each color... =_=;; FML.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ring... Ring... Ring... Please Hold.




[Sarah's birthday has been postponed in order to make time for studying for finals.]

[Please hold...]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

FML vs. My Life is Average.

They started making all those websites like "My Life is Average" after FML became popular.

(Using this as an excuse to post an FML I saw: "My friend's mother had passed away last week. Writing her a card expressing my condolences for her loss, and thinking "lol" meant "lots of love" signed it lol. FML.")

My friend Luke helped me realize something: A lot of the posts on My Life is Average are probably FML's with the endings changed. (Luke: " I follow FML like it's a bible.)
Example: I was at a pool party last Saturday. As I dove into the pool, I like felt my bikini bottoms might slip off as I fell into the water. But they didn't. My Life is average.

I'm not sure why... But I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.

"I had rice for dinner last night. I'm Asian. My life is Average." WUUUT?

He sent me another last night: "Today halfway through my shower I couldn't remember if I had already shampooed my hair. I think I might have shampooed it twice. My life is average."

Why are these so funny to me?

Those Dream Crushing Fiends...

Luke: In the 4th grade, my dad told me I wasn't asian. I literally started crying.

I am feeling kind of... SUPER DELICIOUS.

Uhm. Excuse me. Yeah. I am feeling kind of... SUPER DELICIOUS.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To You

My brother (now age 11 - can't get used to that... You know what I'm talking about) got a cell phone for his birthday..! (June 5th)

So far, here is what's on there as far as contacts go:

Minho the Devastator
Mom the Almighty
Sarah the Destroyer of Worlds
Shinae the Great

I'd like to take credit for this 'title' idea, and point out that that "Sarah the Destroyer of Worlds" is me.

He's obviously very excited with his new phone.
Before, at dinner, if he ever got upset, he'd stomp down to his room and lock himself in it and play video games like a normal child would do.
NOW, he crawls under the table, turns up the volume on this phone to HIGH and starts playing ringtones.

His favorites under these situations would have to be Latin Fever (he WOULD.), Funky band, Whistling Wizard (I'll be totally honest and say that it is quite catchy... Don't judge me.), Froggy Night, WahWah, and Beethoven's 5th Symphony (Carolyn knows what I'm talkin' 'bout. B)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's right. They ARE real. (...punk.)

So my friend Maribeth is an aspiring manga ka...
([MARIBETH] Background info: Filipino, a member of what is in Sarah's mind our "Tae Kwon Do HERD"*, very much a qt.)

(*You read that and you were like, ... da fuck? But really. They exist. I swear. Just like *opens up Microsoft Word and spell checks "Leprechaun"* leprechauns and unicorns...
And how garden gnomes come out at night and piss all over your yard (what we call "morning dew") while you're sleeping and you'll never know. You just won't. And they're all like, "Those asspricks! That'll show them to say we're not frucking real! Because guess what? We are real... punks." - Sorry, what were we talking about again?)

... and I went to Anime Boston - for artists alley to just check out people's artwork - I swear.
Ehh... I learned a lot of new things. Like how people cosplay and non-cosplayers take pictures of them. Sure. Little did I know that they would also want to take pictures of me. For what reason, do you ask? I have no freaking idea. This is giving me a really hard time. I'm having psychological breakdown and it's all because I can not figure out WHY. Why would they do that? Do I amuse you? Do I dress freakin funny? AM I FUNNY?

... What what in da butt?

Hey hey... By the way... Does this even remotely turn anyone on..?
... Or is that just me..?
Help me. ಢ_ಢ