Sunday, June 21, 2009

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Text didn't show up on that last one, but I have to justify that picture. It says: zZzZzZzz... And hey, I just woke up that morning; proof is in the eyebags.
I love waking up at 8 in the morning and having the first thing I do be messing around on my computer with my webcam listening to m-flo. (Not really. But) I AM SOOO PUMPEDD!!
Currently Listening To: Astrosexy - M-flo

[Watch me do dis kinda like, hah hah hah hah]
[Follow me,]
[Hah hah hah hah]
[Just go hah hah]
[Hah hah]

[Who dat la-dy that make you say whoa whoa whoa whoa]
[Follow me]
[whoa whoa whoa whoa]
[Just say whoa whoa]
[Whoa whoa]

[Left to Right, Top to Bottom]
1) I laik making farting noises wit my mouf.
2) I love these headphones FTW. My bangs were starting to PISS ME OFF..! And hey, you can see the misquito bite on my neck... (; _ ;) *tilts head* See my headphones now? Aren't they snazzy? Yes? Well of course. I do believe they are quite snazzy myself. (Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - seems to have these... >>)
3) Why don't you want my kiss..? >=*
4) ... More farting noises! >=D

Sarah: i find it funny
Sarah: how i took my profile pic in my orchestra shirt and pj's
Sarah: orchestra shirt... more like... orchestra CAMP SHIRT
Sarah: (rofl - please don't tell anyone) ...
Sarah: (would = social suicide)
Sarah: (jk)
Sarah: (i wear it loud and proud.)
Sarah: (in all different colors)
Inah: LOLL
Sarah: (which would mean i own 5 million of them)

Yeah... I'm not even joking. I actually have like, FIVE of each color... =_=;; FML.


  1. cute hair! you look adorable with the headphones.

    thanks for reading my blog & posting comments. :)


  2. HAHAHAHAHAH this is the best omg.... i LOVE m-Flo by the way xD.

    thats awesome!!!! your hair is extreeeemely cute

  3. thanks so much to both of you! :D

    (m-flo's the best! hahaha)

  4. aw you look cute, love your beauty spot i want one too! and i like mflo too! but havent heard any of their recent songs haha x

  5. ahaha you are too funny! &thank you dearie!! i'm feeling much better now. p.s. these pictures are adorable even in the mornings

  6. HAHAH sarah you little cutie. :)

    I already have a korean gf. :( But you're EVEN BETTER: you're my clubbing bud cuzz we gettin' crunk day n night. (that's how we met, right?!)