Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Did He Know...

No tax in New Hampshire, right?
My mother took advantage of that last Thursday when she needed to buy 'comfortable work shoes' because apparently the shoes she had for work so far have always been 'uncomfortable extremely feminine formal work shoes'.

Why a Thursday you ask?
Because it actually takes but 40 minutes to drive up there without all the hustle and bustle of weekend vacation traffic.

Han: Hey I'm at the library. Where are you?
Me: My mom wants to go get formal shoes today. Fml. Tomorrow I guess... Tae kwon do today?
Han:Wow. You say that now?
Me: I said it was either that or Friday and I'd call an hour before, you nut.
Han: This is an hour before?
Me:That means I'll call if I go because they day depended! Err. How long are you there for?
Han: Till like three. Or four.
Me: Ok. I might come in a bit!
Han: For how long...
Me: Aparently... My mom is why I haven't seen ANYONE this summer. Ughh I don't want to go to a stupid mall in New HAMPSHIRE.
Han: You're going to a mall in New Hampshire? Why New Hampshire? Why not Natick or Burlington?
Me: It's my mother. Dx
Han: Gdammit. Tomorrow you're probably going to go shop for ham in Canada.

Me: How the hell did you know...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


[msn conversation - WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.]

The Mister: i thought about you so much today
The Mister: i was eating in a store then i was gonna buy strawberry bubble tea
The Mister: but then i missed u so much
The Mister: that i bought taro
The Mister: LOL

OOF! As so obviously demonstrated in this oh-so seemingly "innocent" msn conversation, that MAY appear to have started off in it's usually syrupy and sweet nature, may very well turn the path to an INTENSE FLAMING LOVEFEST STEAMING WITH PASSION AND TEENAGE[-LIKE] HORMONES in the bat of an eye.

Yeesh... Love Can Make Us Do Some CRAZY Ass Things. So watch out for this 'love'... I've heard the world can be full of it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Hills Are Alive With the Smell of Kimchi



... I like to think of this as one of those things that every Korean should say at once in their life.
I can now die a true Korean.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guaranteed Butt Cramp

Spent an afternoon at Starbucks earlier this summer with Melissa posing for her painting. :)
It was coming out pretty (really) well the last time I saw it - apparently it's not quite finished yet, but I'm excited (psyched.) to see it when it's done. :D

This snap shot was taken so she could finish the painting after we had to leave.

You probably wouldn't be able to tell in this, but we had to do a little furniture rearanging... As well as a teensy bit of redecorating... The Starbucks employees weren't too happy... (e.g., pulling the couches away from the wall and turning them inward in the center of the room, laying all our bags, jackets, Melissa's art pads, our food, paints, water cup, paintbrushes, etc. surrounding us all over the floor and table... Hoping you get the jist. Hahaha~)

Can't wait to see it! :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Street Performing

Saturday August 15, 2oo9

My whole day, as usual on a Saturday, was spent in Boston
I was with Thi, Andrew, and Khang (of Fisherz Crew - FTWFTWFTW!) and Snap Boogie that day in Boston when they decided to do a bit of street performing before going to YMCA for bboy practice. :)

Someone in the audience recorded part of one of the shows - and Snap happened to find it, so check it out, check it out!

(That's me being awkward in the back. But seriously, after like 5 shows, one does get a LEEEETTLE bored but it really was great!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relationship Flunk.

(This post doesn't have to do with me failing at "BF/GF" relationships. Sorry to disappoint. D:)

When I found out about the family feature on Facebook where you can list people as your family members, ranging from mother and father to son and daughter, we (meaning I..) went a little crazy.
A few times I was asked questions like:
Kevin: "Why am I listed as your sister..? Shouldn't I be the brother?"

To which I replied:
Sarah: "...*awkward*... It's... whimsical..."

This particular story begins when for my birthday, my friend Ramya couldn't post a 'Happy Birthday' without sending me a gift. Seeing the only free gift was an "I Love You, Dad" card, and a 'Happy Birthday Dad! :D' on my wall.
Thinking it was some brilliant plan along I found it ridiculously funny (so much more than I probably should have... :O shhh!) and listed her as my son on facebook for the whole world to see.
A few days later under some circumstance, I decided to be 'whimsical' again (no comment.) listed Allison as my daughter and a few hours later, Ramya followed in suit, except listing Allison as her SON.
And well, here's pretty much the rest of the dialogue (took these pictures with my handy dandy camra) :

(apologies - I did not realize the mouse was smack-dab in the middle when I hurriedly took these.)

I find this whole 'Internet' thing pretty freaking fabulous.

I love the Internet.