Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's right. They ARE real. (...punk.)

So my friend Maribeth is an aspiring manga ka...
([MARIBETH] Background info: Filipino, a member of what is in Sarah's mind our "Tae Kwon Do HERD"*, very much a qt.)

(*You read that and you were like, ... da fuck? But really. They exist. I swear. Just like *opens up Microsoft Word and spell checks "Leprechaun"* leprechauns and unicorns...
And how garden gnomes come out at night and piss all over your yard (what we call "morning dew") while you're sleeping and you'll never know. You just won't. And they're all like, "Those asspricks! That'll show them to say we're not frucking real! Because guess what? We are real... punks." - Sorry, what were we talking about again?)

... and I went to Anime Boston - for artists alley to just check out people's artwork - I swear.
Ehh... I learned a lot of new things. Like how people cosplay and non-cosplayers take pictures of them. Sure. Little did I know that they would also want to take pictures of me. For what reason, do you ask? I have no freaking idea. This is giving me a really hard time. I'm having psychological breakdown and it's all because I can not figure out WHY. Why would they do that? Do I amuse you? Do I dress freakin funny? AM I FUNNY?

... What what in da butt?

Hey hey... By the way... Does this even remotely turn anyone on..?
... Or is that just me..?
Help me. ಢ_ಢ


  1. ahahah
    im sure they took pictures of you because you looked pretty fashionable and because of your hair (thats a good thing). If there were a lot of people who wanted to take pictures of you, take it as a compliment. So, dont worry :)

  2. Maybe because they thought you looked like an anime character.

  3. deja vu
    reminds me of one of the times i put up one of those fb surveys:

    33. What reminds you of me? anime character. like the one in fantasy or somethin?? :]
    31. What was your first impression? "She looks like the mixup between World of Warcraft and an Elf ♥ .♥ "
    33. What reminds you of me? Final Fantasy