Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Only People You REALLY Need In Your Life...

It's raining...

It's raining...

Look up and reach out.

And you breathe in.

The beads that lie scattered across your windshield.
Reflecting off the light into a rainbow and you just don't know.

I love the grey coloring in the sky...
How you can't tell if it's just a dark day or if there really are clouds there.

Wasn't my font cool? Yeah. It was.

----> Oh yeah, and I read over that, and just wanted to let you know that that is most definately NOT a poem.
It was more like:
mhmm... yap.
really nice weather outside today...

Or at least... I didn't mean for it to be... =0

"You'll put your eyes to the sun and say, 'I know,You're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding.' " - The Carpal Tunnel of Love - Fall Out Boy

So what do you think they're hiding..?

Contact Failure

Thursday night one of my contacts were freaking out so I crawled to the bathroom and took out a new one without thinking about it.
I pinched the old contact out of my left eye and stabbed the new one in.

Then I realized something...

I accidently opened a blue colored contact by accident...
That set me back a little... What to do, what to do...
So I didn't have much of a choice but to put it in anyway.

But I didn't want to wear them to school and go all 'MARILYN MANSON' on everyone with one blue contact on. So I just got out another colored one.

I got the dark blue contacts from acuvue so they come out a little like this:

It's rainy outside so it's a little dark in my usually pretty bright room right now. But basically, you can tell that it's dark blue right?

(And no, it did not come out significantly darker because I have brown eyes under the sea of blue. It's dark because I got dark blue colored contacts. Specifically.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Hw-Hw-HWAAAT? s-SEX?"

Oh Gackt... Whatever will we do with you...


This is tragic.

And yet
My love for Gackt only grows. Hahahaha fail.
(And I don't care if his name does sounds like a fat man choking on a pretzel. >=0)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


She loves me...
He loves me not... OH!
He loves me...
She loves me not...OH!
She loves me...
He loves me not... OH!
He loves me...

She loves me not...
He loves me...
loves me...
loves me not
She loves me...
loves me...

Appohs and Banaynays

I want to eeeat appohs and banaynays...

Hahaha Wtheck? xD :

Meet my best friend: Fabio.

Edit: ok, OW. I originally had the colors in my font really bright. AHHH REALLY BRIGHT. I swear it burned through my corneas. Really. Go see - you can probably read 'banaynays' in the back of my brain.

I hurried home after school today for work (I tutor two little kids :) ) only to find out that it was cancelled. Apparently, one of the two kids, Michelle, had a Brownie Scouts meeting.
And so I began the long trek back to my house. (uhhh... 20 meters tops. Hahaha)
I got home. And fell asleep.

Right now, you may be thinking, 'Wow. Way to waste 10 seconds of my life Sarah. Wow. Way to be.' But wait! =0 There's more!:

When I woke up, I decided to install my webcam. I had to reboot my computer a few months ago and never quite got the chance to reinstall a few things, including this.
I played around with it a lot and realized, wow! What great lighting I had right now! - The sun's light was beating through the window (covering pretty much 90% of my wall) and it had a pretty nice effect on the camra.

This actually came out pretty good.

My skin looks so WHITE! *0* <--- I would like to thank Mr. Sun for the lighting. Hmmm... Wishing I had beautiful porcelain skin... D:> Gah.
Though porcelain = not as white as this. This is a little too ridiculous... hahaha

"Shhh! Robert Pattinson isn't supposed to know I've been staking out in his closet this whole time... "
Jkjk~ I'm not much of a Robert Pattinson person. (But who says I'm not an Edward person..?)
But nah, really. I'm taken.

---> Currently married to Miyavi. ... and TOP... and Gackt... (I don't care if he IS a jillion years old! He's gorgeous and he's very talented (his voice is amazing!)! Though it really was a 7th grade thing for me... Hmm... Is a divorce in order? Naaahh.), Miku, Kanon, and yap - the list goes on.
For anyone who's wondering: Why yes; I'm a pimp. Fo shizzle.

Which reminds me: I've been compared to Miyavi and ulzzang Park Young Hee. Too much flattery there. @_@
(Oh, and I found out what 'ulzzang' meant this weekend. Wow~ So cyoot. So cyoot. I'd seen it before, but I never knew there was a name for it. Just supposed it was one of those universal cute Asian thangs. Like peace signs. Gotta love them peace signs.)

I used to think, "Wouldn't it be weird to look like your boyfriend/girlfriend?" I was proven wrong. Oh so wrong. Take this couple for example:

Aren't they so cute together?
(Let's pretend that's me on the left.)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Favorite Song +Lyrics

You said all that its always just a verbal promise
you're just in for the ride but It's time to pay
Deep down inside you're actually a nice guy
probably but... why do
you seem a bit unprepared you bounce
a house sitter who fools around

Where you going? even if i match your pace
Liar Liar... even after so long, you're still like before
Milk and honey... the sweet nectar has already expired
Deeper... Deeper...
continuing like this, my brain will break!
Feel like I'm flying out to... pluto, weightless
everything sounds mute
cuz you're so... its a serious wound
thats why i can't hear. you know it's
not that cute, they so old and used
we're so... Nouevou HIP HOP poisoning
I want it all... this... that...
this... that I want it all
I want it all... this... that...
this... that I want it all
You want it all... this... that...
this... that... this... that...

Yes... I wanna walk away. the very picture of
LOVE... doesn't exist, It's a LIE, alone i will FIND IT
Yes... I know from this long rail road
Yes sir... Yes sir... if now i get to escape
What's it all about?
i won't be manipulated by you anymore OH-OH!
What's it all about?
Not your Puppet GIRL any more! OH-OH!

on the contrary, from now on everything you say
i'll be ignoring them, I'm on my way
Keep this in mind i'm a nice girl
thats what i feel but... why?
aren't you a little too unprepared?
i see a chance, good bye to you

Where you going? hearing a little of that
Liar Liar... to this rusting life i'm saying goodbye
Milk and honey... before this were only better days
Deeper... Deeper...
before i fall too deep, gonna find someone to LOVE

Yo don't want no pseudo-
incomplete, below average LIFE
ain't CUT for you...that's WHY
people in the universe's cute party
gather round, when the DJ drop that needle...
cause we know
The second you worry about what's around ya
the world's eye worries about it
meeting up is fine, life falls
What the hell you want?
this spot m-flo we so cheeky
Lords of more than under chief rocker
check it, did you say it
records get played like every hour
the words are getting all jumbled up
Can't do that, that's too wack
Cancel that, THAT! THAT!
as i thought words are all jumbled up
Can't do that, that's too wack
Cancel that, THAT! THAT!

Yes... I wanna walk away. the very picture of
LOVE... doesn't exist, It's a LIE, alone i will FIND IT
Yes... I know from this long rail road
Yes sir... Yes sir... if now i get to escape

Where Are You Love..?

Where are you love..?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bubble Tea: Suck. My. BALLS.

Being the bubble tea lover I am, I thought I'd share this cute/funny picture. :)
I'm lurrrrvin' it. <3

There's a bubble tea place at Porter Sq. that has these cool T-shirts that say: "Got Balls?"
Hahahaha That shirt made me dieeee xD (by laughter: the good kind of dying. ;P)
--- And dayuuuum. I want that shirt so bad. B)
I'll have to see if I can buy it next time I go.

It's cool how bubble tea can be both "bubble tea" and "boba tea". Just thought I'd throw that in there.