Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cutting Hair.

This is me being melodramatic with my webcam... =_=;;

But yes. The title is correct, I cut my hair, again (as usual... I do all the time actually..;;). But this time, I cut my bangs straight. (Going Pipi Longstockings and wearing them in braids. :))
I tried not to cut them shorter and right now they hang above my eyes.
I wanted it to flexibly be able to be worn straight and swept a bit to the side. So far so good. :)

Half the summer's over already?!

Half the summer's over already?!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey... Come Here Often?

Hey there short, asian, and handsome... Come here often?
(My little brother, Kwan and Kevin)

*cough* SKEEEETCH *cough*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's Run Away and Be Carnies Together...

Disclaimer: I am not streaking. ... Not in this one, I swear.

Git cho GAME faces on. Yeeee son!

This is how it's been since preschool...

My friends would go home and tell their parents:
"Sighh... Mom, Sarah was being weird again today..."
"No honey, Sarah's just a little... special, is all."

NOT. I happen to be freaking POPULAR.
That's right Bizznatches.
Read it and weep:

As you can see I don't just HAVE friends. I'm SURROUNDED by friends.
Ok... So maybe none of them knew I snuck my way into the middle and sat behind them while I asked my best friend *cough*mother*cough* to take a picture... So WHAT.
Mother happens to love me very very much. ; _ ;

More Carnie Pictures

After going on the Zipper (TWICE might I add) - let's just say I was a little disoriented.
"Hey Sarah, If you're going to throw up, could you throw up in the clown's mouth over there for me? PLEASE? You just have to stick your head in there and..!"
5 minutes of pleading later...
"Uhh... Wtheo..."


He was so excited when he found out he was tall enough! I'm so happy for him! ... What, you think I'm joking?

That guy kept trying to force us to play that stupid carnie game...
Jess finally gave in: "Uhh... Okay... *takes out wallet*"
We ran away while the guy's back was turned.

(But to be honest, Boston fireworks were better (the next day) no offense... STAY TUNED... TO BE CONTINUED. )

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The adorable oompaloompas I tutored. :)
The girl's name is Michelle and the boy's name is Jungwoo.
They're moving back to Korea this week (I'll be seeing them last on Tuesday ); ) so I thought I'd make this little tribute...
They're coming back in a few years, so let's see how much they grow up when I see them next then. :) (Sigh. Now this is what I call a bittersweet farewell.)