Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Did He Know...

No tax in New Hampshire, right?
My mother took advantage of that last Thursday when she needed to buy 'comfortable work shoes' because apparently the shoes she had for work so far have always been 'uncomfortable extremely feminine formal work shoes'.

Why a Thursday you ask?
Because it actually takes but 40 minutes to drive up there without all the hustle and bustle of weekend vacation traffic.

Han: Hey I'm at the library. Where are you?
Me: My mom wants to go get formal shoes today. Fml. Tomorrow I guess... Tae kwon do today?
Han:Wow. You say that now?
Me: I said it was either that or Friday and I'd call an hour before, you nut.
Han: This is an hour before?
Me:That means I'll call if I go because they day depended! Err. How long are you there for?
Han: Till like three. Or four.
Me: Ok. I might come in a bit!
Han: For how long...
Me: Aparently... My mom is why I haven't seen ANYONE this summer. Ughh I don't want to go to a stupid mall in New HAMPSHIRE.
Han: You're going to a mall in New Hampshire? Why New Hampshire? Why not Natick or Burlington?
Me: It's my mother. Dx
Han: Gdammit. Tomorrow you're probably going to go shop for ham in Canada.

Me: How the hell did you know...

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