Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guaranteed Butt Cramp

Spent an afternoon at Starbucks earlier this summer with Melissa posing for her painting. :)
It was coming out pretty (really) well the last time I saw it - apparently it's not quite finished yet, but I'm excited (psyched.) to see it when it's done. :D

This snap shot was taken so she could finish the painting after we had to leave.

You probably wouldn't be able to tell in this, but we had to do a little furniture rearanging... As well as a teensy bit of redecorating... The Starbucks employees weren't too happy... (e.g., pulling the couches away from the wall and turning them inward in the center of the room, laying all our bags, jackets, Melissa's art pads, our food, paints, water cup, paintbrushes, etc. surrounding us all over the floor and table... Hoping you get the jist. Hahaha~)

Can't wait to see it! :D


  1. :O Ahh this painting will be very very pretty :)

  2. Duuude how long did you pose like that for? Your feet aren't touching the ground...ouch.

    I saw the beginning stages of the painting, it looks awesome (typical), but I really REALLY hope that she includes that oblivious man in the background.

  3. aww thanks a lot! :D I feel very very guilty now for not finishing it this summer.. After apps, really T_T
    That was a fun day heheh.
    And thanks, Mengyu-who-never-compliments-me-to-my-face-but-does-online-apparently. I'll think about that man inda back hahaha.