Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Appohs and Banaynays

I want to eeeat appohs and banaynays...

Hahaha Wtheck? xD :

Meet my best friend: Fabio.

Edit: ok, OW. I originally had the colors in my font really bright. AHHH REALLY BRIGHT. I swear it burned through my corneas. Really. Go see - you can probably read 'banaynays' in the back of my brain.

I hurried home after school today for work (I tutor two little kids :) ) only to find out that it was cancelled. Apparently, one of the two kids, Michelle, had a Brownie Scouts meeting.
And so I began the long trek back to my house. (uhhh... 20 meters tops. Hahaha)
I got home. And fell asleep.

Right now, you may be thinking, 'Wow. Way to waste 10 seconds of my life Sarah. Wow. Way to be.' But wait! =0 There's more!:

When I woke up, I decided to install my webcam. I had to reboot my computer a few months ago and never quite got the chance to reinstall a few things, including this.
I played around with it a lot and realized, wow! What great lighting I had right now! - The sun's light was beating through the window (covering pretty much 90% of my wall) and it had a pretty nice effect on the camra.

This actually came out pretty good.

My skin looks so WHITE! *0* <--- I would like to thank Mr. Sun for the lighting. Hmmm... Wishing I had beautiful porcelain skin... D:> Gah.
Though porcelain = not as white as this. This is a little too ridiculous... hahaha

"Shhh! Robert Pattinson isn't supposed to know I've been staking out in his closet this whole time... "
Jkjk~ I'm not much of a Robert Pattinson person. (But who says I'm not an Edward person..?)
But nah, really. I'm taken.

---> Currently married to Miyavi. ... and TOP... and Gackt... (I don't care if he IS a jillion years old! He's gorgeous and he's very talented (his voice is amazing!)! Though it really was a 7th grade thing for me... Hmm... Is a divorce in order? Naaahh.), Miku, Kanon, and yap - the list goes on.
For anyone who's wondering: Why yes; I'm a pimp. Fo shizzle.

Which reminds me: I've been compared to Miyavi and ulzzang Park Young Hee. Too much flattery there. @_@
(Oh, and I found out what 'ulzzang' meant this weekend. Wow~ So cyoot. So cyoot. I'd seen it before, but I never knew there was a name for it. Just supposed it was one of those universal cute Asian thangs. Like peace signs. Gotta love them peace signs.)

I used to think, "Wouldn't it be weird to look like your boyfriend/girlfriend?" I was proven wrong. Oh so wrong. Take this couple for example:

Aren't they so cute together?
(Let's pretend that's me on the left.)

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  1. woah ur pic from ur webcam came out really nice =D WE SHOULD SERIOUSLY VIDEO CHAT SOMEDAY SOON!!! haha now i wanna play around with my webcam =P

    o yea sounds like u had a fun day =P