Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cutting Hair.

This is me being melodramatic with my webcam... =_=;;

But yes. The title is correct, I cut my hair, again (as usual... I do all the time actually..;;). But this time, I cut my bangs straight. (Going Pipi Longstockings and wearing them in braids. :))
I tried not to cut them shorter and right now they hang above my eyes.
I wanted it to flexibly be able to be worn straight and swept a bit to the side. So far so good. :)


  1. looks nice@! i LOVEEEE your hair color!

  2. You cut your own hair? You did a great job - it has such an edgy look to it. I love it!

  3. Your hair looks great. Love the Pippi look :)

  4. thank you! actually if you go to the Labels and click the Contest its the one in DR.Jekyl/Mr.Hyde part 1 hehe . THANKS i LOVE THE animation as well i think its hilarious!! there is this free software that you can download if you google the meitu xiu xiu should come up

  5. nice pipi look, at first I thought you cut it really short! but then I read the post and discovered you've worn it in braids! haha


  6. Your hair is so cool